Why Kanimozhi Arrested-Unbelievable Facts

Warning ! This page has a very boring stuff. It is better avoid reading this page !!! I am going to talk about 2G Spectrum Scam ????

To understand the reasons behind the arrest of Raja (Minister) and Kanimozhi (MP), you should know the meaning of certain technical terms like 2G,Spectrum..

Technical stuff: 

  • What is 2G spectrum?
  • Spectrum means bandwidth. For example, if you want to start an FM Radio Broadcasting station, you need 200Khz allotted by the Government (150Khz + guard band of 50 khz on each end). The government had  to allot this bandwidth only within a specified range ie between 88KHz to 108 Khz. If that is the contraint, then the  govt can allot only to 100 radio stations.
  • In the same way, 2G spectrum means, bandwidth for mobile telephone communications. 
  • There are two types of  mobile phones: GSM and CDMA.

  • GSM phones will work only in the bandwidth 900 or 1800Mhz.
  • CDMA phones will work in 800MHz.
  • 3G phones operates in  2100Mhz   

  • When I say 900 MHz, it  actually means the  bandwidth. of  890 to 915 MHz as well as 935 to 960 Mhz. 
  • 1800 MHz means 1710 – 1785 (for uplink) as well as  1805 – 1880 MHz(for downlink)
  • 800 MHz means 824 to 844(for uplink)  as well as  869 to  889 Mhz(for downlink)
  • 2100 MHz means 1920 to 1980(for uplink)  and 2110  to  2170 MHz(for downlink)
  • Uplink means the frequency used for transmission from your mobile phone to tower
  • Downlink is for tower to our mobile phone.

  • The main difference between these three are:
  • 1G is an Analog circuit-switching  network.
  • 2G is a Digital Circuit-switching network.
  • 3G is a Digital Packet-switching network.
  • 4G is a Digital Packet-Switcing network of very high speed (such as 100 mbps speed). Because of this very high speeed, you can watch all TV programs in your mobile phone, with the clarity of existing TV sets.
  • Why 3G is now popular? 2G is basically a narrow band technology. That means you can make calls and you can send text messages (SMS). But in case of 3G, customers can have a wide bandwidth such as 8mbps speed. So, high speed data download/upload is possible in 3G. Because of very high speed, you can view videos and can make video calls.


As for as Kanimozhi and Raja case is concerned, what we should know is that the spectrum ( ie the frequency bandwidth) available for distribution to the cell phone companies (such as Airtel, Reliance, BSNL) are very much limited. Because of this limited availability of spectrum, there is a competition among cell phones to get good amount of spectrum.

The spectrum can be distributed by two methods. 
METHOD-1 IS AUCTION METHOD : In this method, whoever pays more ,they will get spectrum. Advantage of this method is :   Govt will get lot of revenue. Disadvantage: When the cell phone company pays more for the spectrum, they will naturally increase the call charges which will affect the public. USA,UK,Germany,Australia are some of the countries which uses this auction method.

METHOD-2 is BEAUTY CONTEST METHOD: Calculate the market price of the spectrum and sell it to the phone companies at that price. In this method, Govt will not get more revenue. The spectrum is sold at lesser price.But public will get benefit as the call rates are lower.Czech,France,Italy,Portual,sweden,India,Spain are some of countries which use this method. It is very complex method and there will be a lot of scope for corruption and malpractices and legal problems in this method. It is very difficult to pick out the deserving cell phone companies.More details on 'Spectrum Allocation Methods' availale in this PDF 

Why india opted for Beauty Contest Method and not the auction metbod there by loosing 1,76000 crore rupees?
If the spectrum was sold for 1 ,76,000 crore rupees, then the licensees will pass on this burden to their customers. A cutomer who pays Rs.100 per month  now  has to pay atleast  Rs.2000. Even Middle class people cannot own a mobile phone. Now  almost everyone has a phone and this was possible only because india has NOT gone for the auction method.
Then do you say there was no scam in the 2G spectrum allocation?
When you sell an item worth Rs.5000, to just for Rs.100, then there will be lot of rush and  lot of chances for scam. That is what happened in India. (85 of the 122 licensees got them by fraudulent means. for example, Uitech got license for Rs.1661 crore and immediately sold it for Rs.6200 crore)

Why  Kanimozhi was arrested?
Kalaignar TV got Rs.200 crore as bribe in this scam.The CBI argues like this: "Kanimozhi is the brain behind Kalignar TV. One cannot imagine that Rs.200 crore would be clouded so easily unless and until there was some riding hand behind it".Today's politicians think they are safe as long as they are not DIRECTLY involved in any dealing. Ifever Kanimozhi was punished, then all the future  politicians will correct themselves and India will become a decent & respectable country. 

What reason is given by the judge to deny  bail to Kanimozhi?

  • Her ultimate aim was to use the public money in a carefully planned manner for her personal use.
  • The charges are of serious nature that it will affect the economy of our country.
  • If such persons are allowed to come out on  bail, then many others will do the same crime.
  • Hence a strong message is to be sent to this white collared criminals

So my final words are these:
1. There is nothing wrong in the procedures followed by the Govt in allotting the spectrum.
2. We have not lost Rs.1,76,000 crore rupees. 
3. There are clear records that kalaignar TV got Rs.200 crore rupees not as loan but as bribe.
4. There is no doubt, Kanimozhi(20%) and her mother(60%) holds the majority stake of this TV
5. The Niira Radia tape shows that there is an understanding between Kanimozhi and Raja. Raja was appointed at the insistence of Kanimozhi.
6. So there is nothing wrong in arresting both of them.

20% and 60% holder of the bribe

This is Selvi. Another daughter of Karunanidhi.

Selvi, daughter of Karunanidhi